1st Iteration (2014–2015)
Adhoc In Situ Protests Workshops w/Free University @Pedro Albizu Campos Center & “Subtleties of Resistance” Kara Walker’s/Creative Time A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby

2nd Iteration (2015–2017)
Formalized Timeline Workshops @Triangle Arts and Interference Archives

3rd Iteration (2017–2018)
Our Oppressions Are Connected (mural) @Tufts University & Loisaida Center

4th Iteration (2017–2018)
Timeline Presentation 60s, 70s, 80s @Loisaida Center

5th Iteration (2018)
Lloyd X Latimer // Our Oppressions are Connected (Tom Lloyd) + X Documents Series @Lewis Latimer House Museum

7th Iteration (2020)
Museum Workers Manifesto – Our Oppressions are Connected (Detroit’s Revolutionary Black Workers Movement) @PS122 Gallery

8th Iteration (2020)
Our Oppressions are Connected (TWLF: SFSC + UC Berkeley) + Archive in Exile • New York, NY (Online)