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Antonio Serna


New York/Brooklyn

Documents of Resistance is an art/research/educational project that presents an intersectional view of art history through the art and activism of people of color. In this history there is no separation between politics and culture. Here protests organizing and studio time are seen as different means to achieve the same goal. Only this way can we see the emergence of a truly American avant garde. Documents of Resistance aims to give form to this avant garde, by bringing together the collective struggle and individual transformation of artists and communities of color between 1960 to the present time. 1st Iteration (2014–2015) Adhoc In Situ Protests Workshops w/Free University @Pedro Albizu Campos Center & “Subtleties of Resistance” Kara Walker’s/Creative Time A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby 2nd Iteration (2015–2017) Formalized Timeline Workshops @Triangle Arts and Interference Archives 3rd Iteration (2017–2018) Our Oppressions Are Connected (mural) @Tufts University & Loisaida Center 4th Iteration (2017–2018) Timeline Presentation 60s, 70s, 80s @Loisaida Center 5th Iteration (2018) Lloyd X Latimer // Our Oppressions are Connected (Tom Lloyd) + X Documents Series @Lewis Latimer House Museum 7th Iteration (2020) Museum Workers Manifesto – Our Oppressions are Connected (Detroit’s Revolutionary Black Workers Movement) @PS122 Gallery 8th Iteration (2020) Our Oppressions are Connected (TWLF: SFSC + UC Berkeley) + Archive in Exile • New York, NY (Online)
Documents of Resistance Archive currently holds 254 items, of which only 12% have been archived and only %2 are available online. Institutions and researchers may inquire about accessing or donating resources to continue to archive the collection. Use our Contact page to connect.
African-American (91 items)
Native America
1960s (25 items)
1970s (20 items)