Learning from Detroit’s Revolutionary Black Workers Movement

Dan S. Wang

Conversation and Visual Exploration with Dan S. Wang

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
6:30 PM–7:30 PM (EST/NYC)
Zoom Registration Required | Event Passed

Dan S. Wang arrived in Los Angeles in 2018 after a half century spent in the Great Lakes region. He makes prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures and other kinds of art. Typography, histories of technology, the political aesthetics of ethno-liberation, the French Revolution, and Chinese-Korean cuisine are the stuff of his obsessions. 

His works have been shown in more than fifty shows. He has often worked in artist-run and collaborative situations, both as a founding keyholder of Mess Hall, an experimental cultural space in Chicago, and as an exhibiting artist with solo shows at Woodland Pattern (Milwaukee) and Compound Yellow (Oak Park). Recent projects include commissioned work for Station Museum (Houston) and Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia). A Ragbox of Overstood Grammars, a retrospective of eighty-plus letterpress prints, is on display in 2020 at Fonderie Darling (Montreal).

website: www.danswang.xyz
instagram: type_rounds_1968