Collective ‘Timelines’ at Triangle Arts Association


Triangle Arts Association is hosting the first ‘Timelines’ workshop this month to cover 1960s and 1970s art and activism by artists of color. Below is the description. Rsvp if you can to the facebook event page.

A Collective Timeline of Art & Activism: From Civil Rights to Artists Rights

Triangle Arts Association
Saturday, January 24th, 2015 from 3-5 PM

In the first session, A Collective Timeline of Art & Activism, From Civil Rights to Artists Rights, participants will collectively map out the intersection of events and activities by artists of color and civil rights groups like Spiral, Black Panthers, Brown Berets/Chicano Movement, Young Lords, Women Students and Artists for Black Art Liberation.

Invited artist/co-facitilation:
Fran Illich & Gabriela Ceja

Free solidarity coffee provided by:
Diego De la Vega Coffee Co-op