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‘Documents of Resistance’ a research based project focusing on the history of activism by artists and workers of color.

Currently the project is comprised of two main components – letters of protest by artists of color to cultural institutions, and a collective timeline making workshop that gives context to these letters. With a focus on people of color the aim of the project is three fold: to trace the relationship between civil rights activism and artists rights; to show how this activism helped shape contemporary engagement with art and the role of museums; and finally to show the multiplicity of issues and responsibilities that artists of color addressed are not unlike the issues that museums are just now beginning to address.

In addition to the archive of letters and traveling workshops, elements from the archive are often being reconfigured into multiple visual elements as a way to further explore different types of non-traditional pedagogical formats. Please check back for new configurations, workshops, and appearances.

Archive is currently being built. Currently, the project is in the first phase of establishing the context through the ‘Timelines’ workshops.

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